Rockwool Thermal Timber Frame Insulation

Rockwool Thermal Timber Frame Insulation

In timber frame rockwool timber frame insulation , achieving thermally efficient buildings requires more than just the right insulation material. It’s also essential to prioritize airtightness and meticulous installation, to ensure comprehensive coverage and the highest possible U-value performance. To learn more about addressing common issues that can undermine insulation efficiency in timber frames, read on.

The most popular type of insulation for timber frames is mineral wool, with PIR insulation board being an alternative. These two products are both highly effective in reducing heat loss from timber-framed walls, but they offer different benefits. Mineral wool is more cost-effective than PIR, while offering comparable performance and acoustic properties. PIR insulation is easier to cut and install, but it can reach significantly higher U-values and reduce thermal bridging in timber-framed walls.

Choosing the Right Insulation: Rockwool for Timber Frame Construction

ROCKWOOL Thermal Timber Frame Slab is a semi-rigid rock mineral wool slab that offers a friction fit between the studs in external timber frame walls. This patented design prevents gaps and sapping over time, ensuring optimal insulation performance. It’s also acoustically rated and fire resistant, with a Euroclass A1 non-combustible rating.

It can be installed in framed external walls, pitched roof rafters, floors and internal partitions. When fitted between fresh timber, it helps overcome the issue of shrinkage as the wood dries, by providing an ideal friction fit between the studs. It’s also water-resistant, with the slabs repelling moisture and resisting mould growth. Rockwool Flexi slabs are also hygienic, as they don’t promote the spread of dust or other airborne allergens during installation.

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