Montreal Shrooms Retreats – Immerse Yourself in the Effects of the Fungus

Montreal Shrooms Retreats – Immerse Yourself in the Effects of the Fungus

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There’s no shortage of mushroom shops in Montreal, a city that specializes in the hallucinogen. But some have taken the experience a step further by opening year-round mushroom retreats, offering guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of magic mushrooms.

MycoMeditations offers a variety of packages for those who want to experience the effects of the fungus at different levels. Prices vary from $4,147 for a Classic level retreat to $10,528 for the Concierge program. The cost isn’t cheap, but the retreats include everything from group meditation sessions and yoga classes to vegetarian meals and kayaking or snorkelling excursions. They also have on-site therapists and doctors who monitor the participants during their shroom journeys. URL

One of the more popular ways to take mushrooms is to buy spore kits that allow people to grow their own. But that isn’t without its risks. It is still illegal to sell or possess the drug in Canada, even if Health Canada says it has potential therapeutic benefits.

From Forest to Festival: The Culture of Shrooms in Montreal

Last month, a Montreal store called FunGuyz opened in the heart of the Plateau-Mont Royal, advertising itself as a “medical dispensary” that sells “mushrooms for medicinal purposes.” The production, sale and possession of magic mushrooms (or psilocybin) are banned in Canada except in certain medical contexts that require special permission from Health Canada. The store’s alleged owners say they’re opening the shop as a protest to push for legalization of psilocybin. They aren’t the only ones trying to open up legal psychedelic shops, but the ones that do face police raids and arrests.

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