Inpatient Rehabilitation UK

Inpatient Rehabilitation UK

Inpatient Rehabilitation UK enables individuals to check into a controlled environment with a team of therapists and doctors on hand to help them overcome their addiction. This type of treatment is ideal for those who have a more serious addiction and are ready to take on more intensive therapy. The programme usually lasts for weeks or months and can be used to treat a variety of addictions, including drug addiction, alcohol abuse, sex addiction and gambling addiction.

The rehab clinics at UKAT offer reasonable prices for their services and also provide a range of ways for individuals to cover the costs of the programme. They will work with each client to find financing or insurance solutions that best fit their needs. Most facilities will also have financial counsellors on staff who are available to discuss the different options and help people make the right choices for their unique situation.

“Inpatient Rehabilitation: The Cornerstone of Recovery in the UK

NHS funding does cover some rehab programmes in the UK, however the majority of the NHS alcohol rehab programmes are outpatient. These programmes are very limited in their ability to treat a large number of patients at one time, and do not include the therapeutic activities offered by private rehabs.

Those who have the option to go to an NHS inpatient rehab will often experience long waiting lists before they are admitted for treatment. This is due to the fact that NHS inpatient rehab centres are severely over-subscribed. This is why it is important for those who are looking at rehab options to explore alternative treatments that can guarantee quicker admission to rehab care.

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