Network Cabling in San Antonio

Network Cabling in San Antonio,TX (also known as structured cabling) is a hardware system of wires and cables that sync computers, AV systems, audio/visual equipment, and security devices in your business. Your business must have a reliable and robust cabling infrastructure for optimal performance and connectivity. HTS is a Belden Alliance Partner and ICC Elite Installer that provides certified Networking Systems in accordance with the structured cabling guidelines set by TIA/EIA, CSA and ISO/IEC Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standards.

The most important element of a business’s networking is the cabling. Wired networking utilizes copper, twisted pair and fiber optic cabling to connect all hardware devices, allowing them to communicate with one another. The best cabling solutions are tailored for each individual company’s needs. We will help you choose between wired or wireless networking, or even combine both to provide the ideal network connection.

Connecting Excellence: Navigating the Best Network Cabling Services in San Antonio, TX

Our technicians are experts in all transmission mediums for data and telecommunications, including fiber optic cable, twisted pair, and coaxial cabling. We pay attention to every detail of the cabling process, from how tightly a cable tie should be pulled to the path it takes when laid in the ceiling and overhead plenum area.

We are proud to be a San Antonio business that is committed to providing quality, high-performance technology to our clients. Our team works with clients to find the right solution, whether it’s a business phone system or a full-scale network installation. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition to your new system.